Uroboros Films 
Turning Vision Into Reality
Production: Structured enough to get what you need flexible enough for creative freedom
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Production days are the heart and soul of Uroboros. We have our finger firmly on the pulse of the digital cinema revolution, and we’ve tailored a production package that is perfect for independent film, high end corporate production work, commercials, and multi-camera broadcast events.

You will be using the type of camera equipment utilized to shoot major Hollywood films such as The book of Eli, The Social Network, District 9, Night at the Museum, Knowing, Che, and Angels and Demons to name but a few.

Imagine the possibilities.

We have a custom grip and lighting package that factors in the higher sensitivity and specific needs of a digital sensor, and is sized to provide great flexibility without having to resort to big generators and a large crew.

Industry leading equipment from Arri, Kino Flo, Dedolight, Matthews, O’conner, Rondford Baker, Element Technica and more.

Specialized rigging equipment like the Mini-Max, and low power high output lighting mean faster set up times, and the ability to use location power in most instances.