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Turning Vision Into Reality
There is no better way to ensure a successful production than to spend adequate time and resources in the pre-producion phase.
Film making is incredibly complex, and there are many factors such as weather changes, cast or crew emergencies, equipment failure, or confusion about permits, that can force a complete rework of the project schedule once principal photography begins.

Our experience indicates a strong correlation between a well documented, conservatively scheduled project, and a happy client that gets their project completed on time an on budget.

We can help with that. We understand the territory, and can help you to select the right set of tools, and understand what you should have in hand before you add the complexity and expense of cast and crew to the mix.

It is far simpler and radically cheaper to "fix it in pre" rather than "fix it in post."

Some helpful forms from our Filmmaker Resources Page.
Storyboarding software or traditional illustrations and index cards are both great means to narrow the shoot to what you really need.

The illustration to the right is from FrameForge Pre-viz Studio, a software package that can help build a shot list and ensure adequate coverage.

Collaborative online script and storyboarding applications can speed turn around times, and help ensure that everyone in on the same page.

Check our Resources tab for helpful forms and additional information.
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Storyboards are a powerful tool for bringing a vision together.