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What is a DIT?
The transition to raw digital image capture from film or from a traditional video work-flow has the industry and unions struggling to redraw the boundaries and redefine job descriptions.

One could argue that this is the area of the transition to digital that Hollywood least understands today.

Often referred to as a Digital Imaging Technician or DIT (In Stephen’s view incorrectly) it is the role with the most variability and least definition on set today and we confidently predict that it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

For more information and a demonstration of services offered by Uroboros please see our On Set Lab page.
What is Digital Image Management?

Offload & Backup

Utilizing the power of RED ROCKET, Red raw footage can be graded and transcoded to standard NLE codecs in realtime. This allows post production to begin on set, and enables editorial staff to begin cutting immediately. Color timed, audio synced transcodes also provide the base for dailies delivery.
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One Light


The “Original Negative” is an elusive concept when working with digital media that gets recycled readily. What is certain is that all the hard work passion and performances that the camera captured on set needs to be properly verified and backed up before the “Format” button is pressed.

Uroboros uses industry standard backup solutions that comply with the bonding requirements used on major Hollywood films, and utilizes the same technologies that financial institutions and the military use for long term data security.
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The power of shooting raw coupled with enormous on set computational power of Uroboros’s Digital Dailies System puts the key benefit of on set inspection and review in the hands of Director’s before a set is struck. Color timed dailies or “hourlies” can be provided to clients to review via ipad on a secure local wireless network or on a broadcast monitor for directorial review.

Gone are the days of the complex and costly process of telecine, and the two day turn around to see your footage after a trip to the lab.

There is nothing like having all your footage online and onset to check continuity or review evaluate, or match performance.

Now even small productions can enjoy the benefits of an On Set Lab.
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A “One Light” is a color timing done across an entire image area of the frame, that is often applied to all shots in one set up, scene, or location. It allows the on set dailies, offline transcodes, or online footage to more closely align to the vision of the final look envisioned by the Director and DP.

Costly access to high end finishing systems and specialist can be reserved for fine tuning rather than for establishing the basic look of the project, and real time feedback on the outcome of an extreme grade e.g. day for night is available on set.

For more information see The On Set Lab.
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LTO Backup

Realtime Transcodes

LTO has been the industry standard tape back up methodology for a decade, and is backward and forward compatible among generations and is open source, so you are not tied to one vendor.

LTO is the backup method of choice for medical and banking institutions and the military. Per gigabyte cost is far lower than hard drives, and there is no ongoing power consumption to pay for.

Uroboros offers LTO-4 backup tapes that typically store ~800 Gb per tape. All LTO archive services also include a directory disk, and come with one free restore... just in case.
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