Uroboros Films 
Turning Vision Into Reality
M  O  V  I  E     T  R  U  C  K
Unique features include a small craft services station including a commercial Keurig coffee / Tea station, and the availably of an 12 volt commercial refrigerator/Freezer for keeping props or film cans at temperature, or ensuring the production crew is well hydrated with cold water on a hot day.
Based on the Isuzu NPR platform, unbadged the truck is essentially invisible in an urban environment as the NPR is common site in all areas of the United States as a delivery van or work truck.

Featuring an incredibly tight turning radius, it can fit in where most productions vehicles cannot, and is small enough to be parked on a suburban driveway. It's small footprint lessens hassles with neighbors or nearby businesses.

A lift gate provides easy access to the trucks facilities and makes setup and the inevitable unscheduled hard out fast if not painless.

The majority of the truck is configurable, sporting A-Track through out simplifying securing production equipment in many variations.

Air conditioned and heated, with the rear black out curtain in place, Movie Truck serves as a self contained DIT / Grading station, camera build platform, or refuge from the weather.