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The On Set Lab
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One of the most significant advantages to shooting digitally is the ability to immediately see the results of your work. When that advantage is paired with the power of working in a raw data format like REDCode or the new Alexa raw, you have the equivalent of a film lab and telecine on set.

Our digital labs span the needs of small corporate shoot to full feature film, and everything in between.

It's not about Dailies anymore, It's about "Hourlies"

Uroboros is committed to keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital cinema landscape so you don’t need to. We’ve recently added the new REDStation reader for CF cards and SSD based digital magazines.
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Pictured above is a fully configured DIT station with multiple 8 Core Mac Pro towers, a 16 TB Caldigit raid array, Compact flash readers, LTO 4 for tape archive, and a stack of raid one transport drives. This configuration includes a RED Rocket card and enough horsepower to handle multi-camera projects, including “one light” color correction on the reference Panasonic 1710 Monitor and transcoding to the editorial offline format of your choice.