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About Our Rates
It may seem trite for us to say that every project is unique, and thus providing rates online is difficult, but it’s undoubtedly true.

Every production brings its own expertise, equipment, and personnel to the mix. That mix is what in large part will determine the outcome of the project.

A unique aspect of Uroboros is our willingness and ability to "fill in the gaps" providing just the subset of resources you need. Thus rates for a project vary a great deal depending upon what services and equipment your team needs.

Uroboros employs a “Treat people like you’d want to be treated” philosophy.

The practical outcome of that philosophy is that the more services and equipment you use, and the more flexible we are going to be about pricing and inclusion of additional equipment and discounted services who’s need may not be apparent until we’re together on set.

Our Camera Equipment Brochure is available in the downloads section.

For a ballpark starting point, feel free to download our Rate Sheet.