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One huge benefit of the shift to digital cinematography is that it radically lowers acquisition costs when compared to 35mm film.

That’s exciting.

The barrier to entry to achieving high production value has been significantly reduced.

That is why most of the excitement and discussion about digital cinema that is taking place today is about how this or that camera compares to 35mm film, or to each other.

While we think that there is merit in many of these discussions, we at Uroboros believe that the camera is only one of the components that constitute the broader opportunity.

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Urboros was founded to realize that broader opportunity.

Yes, it all starts with the camera, and we’ve been careful to selected components that are capable of delivering stunningly beautiful images, so it is indeed key that for the first time ever a digital negative is capable of surpassing standard film stocks in a number of dimensions

In fact the newest generations of sensor from RED (Mysterium-X), and Arri’s new Alexa have low light performance that easily trumps Kodak’s Vision3 500T film stock. And the preliminary testing of the next generation of sensors that we’ve seen clearly indicates that in the very near future we’ll have more dynamic range available to us than has ever been available before period.

So why does this stuff matter? Well beyond the obvious creative freedom that more flexible “negatives” provide, there are huge repercussions that positively impact your production.

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If you browse our grip and lighting services you’ll note that while you see industry leading brands like Arri, Dedolight and Kino Flo, the size, underlying technology, and wattage of the instruments are quite different that you’ll find on a standard two ton truck. The same type of specialization holds true for our grip services as well.

The reason for this is that the greater sensitivity of the new sensors reduces the amount of light output need to properly light a scene. It doesn’t however, as is a common misconception, remove the requirements to light properly.

More efficient grip and lighting mean a smaller crew can be used, that the time and expense of tie ins and large generators can generally be avoided, and heat management on set or on location is a much smaller issue.

Further the lack of the huge lag time and considerable expense of processing rushes is a huge win for a digital production.

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With our on set monitoring and lab, the director knows before he or she strikes set if the performance is there, if the look is there, and can confidently move on to the next set up.

Every project eventually has questions about continuity that are immediately answerable as all footage is available on set for real time review on demand, including immediate playback of the last take.

Concerned clients can be reassured with on set iPad based hourlies, and dailies can be transcoded for same day review on the web.

In general your production is far better informed regarding the final state of your project while on set than is possible with traditional film based or video work flows, due to the power of raw capture and on set grading.

And this is just the beginning...

Uroboros, Turning your vision into reality.
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